Be enchanted by the mysterious charm of the Old South with its unspoiled swamplands, magnificent plantations and stately antebellum homes in breathtaking landscapes - or immerse yourself in Louisiana's vibrant cities where you will find an endless number of cultural attractions and recreational activities.

Oak_Alley.jpg                                                                        Photo Credit: New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

Don't miss out on the attractions that are waiting for you right in the heart of Louisiana: take a Mississippi river cruise aboard a genuine steamboat or visit a historic plantation such as Oak Alley, Nottoway or Laura Plantation. Try your luck at one of the numerous Riverboat Casinos or experience the multicultural flair of New Orleans, where the state's diversity is combined with its magic beauty. Moreover, Louisiana offers countless recreational activities in the great outdoors. Nature lovers will find ideal conditions for camping and sports such as fishing, hiking and golfing. Haven't you always wanted to discover the secret of the hot, legendary Tabasco sauce? Then visit the so-called Cajun Countries where you will find the origin of the state's French-Canadian influence.

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