Philadelphia is the second largest city on the east coast and mainly known as the birthplace of the USA. Temporarily the first capital of the United States, Philadelphia offers more historic sites related to the American history than any other city in the US. These include the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, only to name a few monuments of the American democracy displayed in Philadelphia. The original center city still exists: displayed on a central square, there is the impressive town hall with different reliefs and sculptures such as the statue of William Penn on the rooftop.

Philly.jpg                                                                Photo Credit: Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau

Philadelphia is also home to a great number of museums, and the excellent cultural program is supplemented among others by the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Pennsylvania Ballet. The neoclassical building of the Museum of Art and its grand staircase gained world fame when featured in the Sylvester Stallone movie 'Rocky'. This and numerous other art museums and several other works of art in the streets and squares of Philadelphia earned the city the reputation as a cultural heartland. In addition, Philadelphia is a modern and dynamic city with a beautiful skyline, countless hotels, premium shopping opportunities and even some of the best restaurants of the U.S. Being the birthplace of the U.S. and a modern city at the same time, the 'City of brotherly Love' combines big city flair with the charm of a history-laden small town, and thus unveils the perfect mixture of history and modernity.

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